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[adsense]An open source tool can be used to test product by various stakeholders. These make include

  • Dev
  • QA
  • BA
  • Business

Fitnesse, is written and maintained in java, hence it’s very easy to integrate it with java codebase, but integration with c++ code-set is a challenge. There are some approaches as mentioned below

    1. integration using JNI (Java Native interface)
    2. using cslim (open source maintained for fitnesse)
    3. Other approach

Common Steps

  1. Download Fitnesse from official website (
  2. run it using command (java –jar fitnesse-standalone.jar –p 8080)
  1. Port number is chosen as 8080, if port is not mentioned then default port 80 is considered.
  2. Test whether application is up, using browser by accessing the

New Test Page

  1. Create a new Test page using the Add option, coming on Top Right

  1. Make sure to mention valid Page Name (refer Wiki Rules for Page Name)
  2. Add the contents as mentioned below

  1. Division is a fixture that can be referred as first record of the table. Refer fixture documentation at
  2. This column fixture defines
  3. two input attributes namely (numerator & denominator)
  4. two output attributes (quotient & Multiply)
  5. Input attributes should be public member variables, where as output attributes referred to member functions inside the fixture.

How to test it now

  1.  use command (javac –classpath <fitnesse jar file location>
  2. Above command will generate the class file & it’s done. Go ahead to browser and test the page by clicking on the test button.
  3.  In case of +ve results it will display green colour else red colour will be displayed, mentioning the expected as well as actual output.

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