Differen taste of amul milk in gurgaon

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[adsense] Their are many vendor in Sector-4, Gurgaon which sold Amul Milk. This post is about the different taste of Amul Full cream Milk bought from various vendors from sector 4 gurgaon. This is personal opinion as i have not performed any laboratory check on the samples.

Whenever i bought milk from easy day, milk seem to be creamy and good in taste. Might be due to temperature difference or some other factors, which i have not analyzed.

On the other hand if i purchase milk from rest of the vendors then i feel major difference in milk taste and it’s less creamy. Their is one van which circulates that milk i tried most of the shops to which he delivers milk, but taste and cream both are same.

Once i went to Danwanpur, near by gurgaon to bought milk where differnt van delivers the milk, when i tasted it. It’s the same as that of easy day taste.

My conclusion don’t buy Amul Milk from Sector -4, gurgaon except easy day. I will be posting the photograph of Van soon…


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