How to create your own website

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Today everyone has their identity on internet either in the form of emails or a website a minimal.

Now a days it will take no time to go live on internet. i.e. Creating a website is pretty simple. This article will guide you how to create a Website from scratch.

Step 1:

Register the domain name, To get cheapest domain names go to Get Indian Hosting.

Go to domain registration section and type the domain name.




Once you click search, it will show available domains as mentioned below, you can add the domain and click on Register Now. After registration and payment you will get the welcome Email for confirmation. Once you confirmed the link. You have one name over internet



You can opt for .IN domain, if you are planning to target India traffic. It will cost you Rs. 270/- every year.

Now You need to have some space where you can post your contents, i.e. you need the web hosting, For personal usage you can opt for any one of the Free hosting provider, One such example is FreeHosting. Click on below mentioned link

Enter the newly created domain name and click on continue.


After providing the registration details  and click on Complete Order. Once you completed the email verification, You are done with step 2.


Now you have

1. Domain Name to have your identity on internet

2. Web Hosting  to host your files


Now you need to click on Member Area, enter the username and password, and click on Cpanel. Now you can play……


If you have some doubts, you can ask me questions via comment..

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