Parents Health NGO : Why Health insurance is mandatory for your parents

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Parents Health NGO : A non profit organization started in Bangalore. It started it’s operation in the month of June this year. Focus of this organization is to provide education about the importance of parents insurance in today’s environment.

When we are talking about the insurance, couple of questions come to mind, like:-

1. What do you mean by insurance?
2. Why i need insurance?
3. Why it’s required for my parents too?
4. How it’s helpful?

Now i will ask a simple question, think about a minute and answer, Who will care for your family

1. when you face an accident?
2. If you die today?

Well when i am talking about the insurance i am talking about the 360 degree cover, Not only the health insurance but term insurance is also mandatory, but in this article will be talking about the health insurance.

In case of any medical emergencies, medical insurance will help your family in fighting the situation in terms of expenditure. A simple heart surgery will cost close to 5 Lac, but it’s not possible for a middle class to collect the 5 lac rupee within a day or two. But if you have the medical insurance, no worry you can visit the hospital freely.

I believe the above description is more than enough for your initial questions 1 & 2. Now the main topic, why it’s required for your parents?

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I will cover this in the next article………

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