3 Great Vacation Spots where You need Samsonite Toughness

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Since 1966 the company now known as Samsonite (in 1910 it was originally called the “Shwayder Trunk Manufacturing Company”) maintains a reputation of being the toughest, strongest luggage bags in the business. Combining tough nylon, robust polycarbonate, and consistent worksmanship, Samsonite Luggage holds true to their namesake.
Samsonite has a brand of practical, strong, utilitarian luggage for every traveler. The fashion conscious can choose from the Samsonite Cosmolite. A sleek look and Samsonite-exclusive CURV technology, you have one of the toughest and prettiest pieces of luggage around from the samsonite luggage sale line. With Samsonite DKX, Samsonite Winfield, and even Samsonite garment bags, they offer variety and flexibility to a traveler with their signature durability. So many choices, but rest assured that whether it’s a business trip or a camping trip, Samsonite will protect your possessions from a lot of “what-ifs.” No better way to test Samsonite luggage’s vaunted strength than bringing it on a vacation that will challenge that toughness; like the following (excerpts taken from allwomenstalk.com/top-dangerous-places-to-go-on-vacation):
• New Zealand – Apparently, tourists like to challenge themselves with many extreme sports there. Sounds perfect to bring Samsonite hardside luggage for everything you pack.
• Taiwan – There’s a good chance (approx. 70%) that while in Taiwan you will experience a natural disaster; floods, earthquakes, or landslides for starters. Definitely want to keep your possessions encased in a polycarbonate shell, just in case.
• Australia – Some of the deadliest animals in the world call Australia home so tear-resistant ballistic nylon found on Samsonite luggage has a good chance of keeping it out of your bag.
That being said, you can’t possibly account for every contingency. But at least with Samsonite suitcases and luggage, you are well prepared all the same.

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