3 top strategies to make the most of your text messaging service

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When embarking upon marketing campaigns making use of a text messaging service to text your customers deals and offers it is important that you use the right strategy to build relationship with your customers rather than pestering them. With your text messages limited to just a few words there are limited opportunities for extended dialogue and instead text messages are best used for short messages that convey one particular point that may be of interest to your clients. Follow these three tips to get the most out of your text messaging service:

1) Choose your message topics carefully

Just as with any other form of communication there is such a thing as too much. Just as you don’t want to know what your friends are doing every second of every day there is no need for a customer to know every single thing that a company is doing. You might be very excited by your shiny new sign outside your shop but it isn’t something that your customers need to know about. You’ll want to limit your messages to those that are truly useful to your customers and avoid telling them about anything that won’t directly lead to them being more likely to make a purchase. If you send too many messages out you are likely to break the trust you have built up with them rather than developing it and you may even result in them not coming back to make any more purchases.

2) Target the right demographics

If you sell a mixture of products the chances are that not all of your customers are interested in every single one of your products. You might have a great special offer on women’s clothing but it’s unlikely all the men on your list will be interested. If you are signed up with a good provider they will offer you the opportunity to send out messages to particular demographics on your list and not to others. This will increase your return per message because you won’t be sending them out to people who won’t be interested.

3) Sign up as many people as possible

Using a text message service is an extremely effective way of marketing to your customers so it is important to sign up as many people as possible in order to take advantage of how cost-effective it is. Whenever someone comes into your shop or makes a purchase you want to make it as simple as possible for them to sign up to your mobile marketing list. The best way to do this is to offer them a special deal if they sign up to your list. This way they benefit and you are able to start sending them messages of more ways they can save money with you in future.

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