7 latest international face make up trends

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The trend for 2012 is all about looking sexy and elegant, highlighting your face with all kinds of shades especially your eyes giving it that smoky look and finishing off with a rosy lip, here are some of the latest trends that you can sport this season:

Killer eyes:

This summer it’s all about the eyes; use that eyeliner to create a cat like look by double flicking it at the corners. You can extend the flick as much as you want and give it that bold and heavy look. Make sure you only double up the eyeliner toward the corner of the eyes. You could also play around with 2 shades of liner.

Ravishing lips:

Considered an all-time classic the red lipstick is here to stay! You can opt for a lovely matte finish one or go on all out and flaunt those lips with a rich glossy shade. You could also try a more subtle red which will leave you with those soft rosy lips.

Lush brows:

Seal those tweezers and forget about your wax warmers for a while because natural, thick brows are back this season. Also known as the “power brow” you can get this dazzling look with eye pencil or just brushing your brows and leaving them natural.

Sporty cheeks:

Pick a nice pink or peachy shade this season to show off those beautiful cheeks. Sporty cheeks are the fad of the season which makes you seems as you have just been sun kissed. If you want to highlight your cheeks then just go with a complete neutral make up and blend a nice hint of glow onto those temples to sport this look.

Doll lashes:

Get those double coated mascara’s out cause’ this year it’s all about doll lashes. Make sure you apply the coats in just the right manner. The corner of your eye will need just a tad bit extra to sport that doll like looks. Curl them out and lash them upwards to open your eyes up more. This year it’s all about the volume so flaunt those sparkling eyes.

Metallic shadow:

Jazz it up this year with a little shimmer. As we said earlier it’s all about the eyes this season, pick a nice bronzer or you could go for a matte finish too with a nice shadow. To get that little zing you can very your styles by applying is all around the eye as well. So go out there and try to dazzle them with your metallic looks, reach for that blue or silver eye shadow.

Go natural:

This is also an interesting look that you can try out this year, although it is not as popular as the rest of the looks, the natural way is also in! It’s all about that pure beautiful glowing skin; you could go with a natural nude face and just pop that with a nice rosy cheek and eyeliner. Go bare this season, forget your primers and concealers and flaunt that natural look!

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