A Lange &Sohne Wristwatches Inherit Classics of Incomparable Precision

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Among numerous watch brands, A Lange & Sohne is a highly precise mechanical watch brand. Each A Lange & Sohne is manually crafted and polished. And each replica wrist watches watch maker of it can really take part in making watch only after learning watch making skills at least 3 years to 7 years. In general, it will spend about six month on making a watch and eight month or ten month on completely finishing. For this reason, the output of A Lange & Sohne is very less. Its annual yield is about 5000 pieces.

A Lange & Sohne watches inherit the classics. The difference between it and other watch brands lies in that it wouldn’t enhance its timepieces value by magnificent craftsmanship and customization to create the limited edition which needs one to wait ten years like Patek Philippe. With extraordinarily imaginative workmanship, the craftsmen of A Lange & Sohne create the mechanical wristwatch with its movement might be the most accurate in the world. Its timepieces not only win people’s admiration with precise and durable movement but also are known to the world with bold innovation on mechanically. Aside from the sophisticated tourbillon, its fusee chain drive system and 31 days power reserve are also fantastic.

A Lange & Sohne richardlangepourlemerite Titanium Watch

Only the best IWC replica watches watch equipped with the most complicated device can be rated as “pourlemerite” title. This is the A Lange & Sohne’s third watch is labeled as “pourlemerite” title since it launched the tourbillion and Tourbograph in 2005. It is because that this richardlangepourlemerite Watch is assembled with fuse chain drive system. This remarkable device is also which A Lange & Sohne takes pride of. The chain looks like the bicycle chain, but its each connection point is weer than sesame. A Lange & Sohne is the first to introduce the fusse chain from big pocket watch to exquisite wristwatch.

A Lange & Sohne richardlangepourlemerite Rose Gold Watch

PourleMerite is driven by LO44.1 movemnt, which consists of 279 parts and provides 36 hours power storage. The 40.5 mm diameter case gives the help to the most legible vision effect of this observatory watch. And the blue steel points present beautiful color. Meanwhile, the white enamel dial coved by sapphire mirror also cost almost 30 processes and crafted by 800 degree high temperature.

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