Automatic Writing – Keeping Up With The Spiritual Flood Of Information

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Spirits try to communicate to us everyday, through many ways. Automatic Writing is one such way in which we in the human world have been in touch with the spirit world for centuries.
When practicing Automatic Writing, it is important to be fully ready and open to receive the other side’s messages, it is also important to be well organized and documented. It takes a lot of energy for a spirit to communicate to you, and sometimes it can be really confusing. Here are some pointers to help you keep organized and prepared while maintaining an Automatic Written relationship with the spirit world.
Make a date.
Mark on your calendar when you’ll be having your sessions and put it out their, verbalize it. Let them know as well when they can be expecting you. It’ll come in handy down the road to know exactly when you started trying, when you actually started transcribing, what was said and when, etc.
Keep a list of questions you would like to ask.
After experiencing this phenomena people often can’t hold themselves back and a flood of questions enter their mind. This can be confusing for the spirits and also steer you off track from things you were really concerned about to begin with. You’ll also be aware of what you’ve already gone over. Save these lists of questions and mark them off as you cover them.
Keep a journal of your transmissions.
Oftentimes there are many spirits at once trying to make contact with you and it can get confusing. These journals will clear up some confusion when you go back to them later. They will also be helpful to you during your future sessions. You will come up with new questions to ask next time. Your journal will also be an aid in validation.
Type up your written transmissions.
As you will come to see, the messages can come out pretty messy at times, even if you usually have legible handwriting. It will save a headache in the long run to type it up as soon as you can while it’s fresh in your mind. Some pages might even be full of scribbles which are irrelevant. Typing it all up will let you bypass all the nonsense when you come back to it later.
Keep these things in mind when you are practicing automatic writing and become organized and informed. Good luck and happy transmissions to all!

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