Battery chargers- 3 tips for finding the right one for you

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Most laptop battery chargers are certainly not created equal. I found this out when I travelled shopping for a new one and realized that some manufacturers are better than others. We spent more than a few hrs on many occasions shopping for them. The three tips below are some tips i found to be the best way to choosing the best charger for you.

Hint 1- One of the first things that I did not succeed to look for was, would the battery charger include a warranty? This may sound trivial but, We’ve had to replace two safe battery chagers and neither of these came with any kind of long term warranty beyond 30 days. Considering this, I had to spend money on each batteries. Granted they didn’t cost much, will still be money that I might have saved.

Tip 2- Look for whether the battery charger is compatible with your laptop. All chargers are not made the same as I stated earlier. I got myself one battery charger in line with the AC voltage alone and it turns out the it was not compatible with the Horsepower Pavilion dv6000. I just figured as long as the AC voltage matched up, I was okay.WRONG!

Tip 3- Ensure that the extension cord suits the adapter I found this out with one of my chargers that we purchased. After speaking with others, I deducted that this is a common circumstance many people have once they buy a new battery charger. My final choice ended up being call HP and order the original 12v charger that came with the laptop. It made points so much easier. It does cost a bit more on the other hand feel much better realizing that I got another H . p . adapter as opposed to a adapter similar too my original.

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