Boostability Can Identify Problems That Keep Search Engine Rankings Lower

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Content, links, popularity and the length of time that the website has been online can all have an impact on a website’s long-term search engine rankings. However, these factors are often not enough and websites will also want to take care of a variety of other factors.    

Find Out if the Shared Server is Affiliated with Spammers    

When using shared hosting, it is a good idea to choose a shared server that does not host content of a spammer or a website that search engines banned. Consider switching the shared server if it is associated with a malicious website. Another way to make a website seem more legitimate is to make sure that the owner of the domain name can be identified, since blocked domain names can cause search engines to believe that the website belongs to a spammer.    

Use Splash and Javascript Wisely    

Splash pages and javascript are generally bad SEO. The problem with these types of pages is that search engines can have a difficult time indexing them, since they can only read HTML and CSS. For this reason, it is a good idea for webmasters to place some HTML text on the page. In some cases, the HTML is placed below the fold. However, the text should look natural.    

Use Internal Links    

Search engine crawlers love internal links. An internal link will help the search engines find content within the website. One way to increase the chances that a search engine will index a page is to submit a sitemap.    

Incorporate Viral Features    

One way to boost traffic is to incorporate features that help users share the content. The most common way that users are sharing content is through social media websites. Placing like and Tweet buttons on a website will make it easier for users to share the content with friends and family members. Another way to help users share content is by incorporating reviews or social bookmarking links into the website. Social bookmarking websites allow for users to find, save and share content with other users. Many website plugins allow for bookmarking links to be placed automatically in content posts so that users can efficiently bookmark content that they like. Users are less likely to bookmark content when they have to follow more than one step.    

SEO is a long-term process that requires many steps. Many webmasters find that it is easier to hire an SEO company such as Boostability to help increase their rankings over time. Other webmasters fail to see the results that they want to achieve and give up early. There is a third group that achieves the SEO results that they want and give up on the process. They later find that their search engine rankings have fallen and cannot figure out how to bring their rankings up again.    

Rankings Can Fall Unexpectedly    

The reason why some website owners have difficulty is because search engines do not index websites immediately and there are several other websites that a webmaster is often competing with. Also, search engines are often unrolling major updates to their algorithms and it is unpredictable how these changes can impact rankings. The best way to overcome these changes is to hire a company that is specialized in SEO, such as Boostability.    

Boostability Increases Long-Term Search Engine Rankings for Clients    

Boostability will notice problems that are not always noticed by other search engine consultants and they will make changes to the website that will significantly increase the chances that the website will experience a boost in search engine rankings Boostability will also work with the webmaster over the long term to make sure that the boost in rankings continues.

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