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Boostability is a great company and no, I’m not just saying that. I actually live only a couple of miles from their office and in the same neighborhood as their CEO. I have not ever met the CEO, but I know some of our mutual neighbors and judging from the fine staff he has at Boostability, many of whom I have met, I know he has got to be a really smart guy with a lot of integrity.    

The Boostability office is set back off of a busy highway. It is in a newer building and feels clean and comfortable when you walk in. The first thing I noticed is the happy and bright staff. They appeared to all be in a good mood and enjoying what they were doing. It was like the ideal office environment.    

I chose to work with this group of fun people, but I work from my home. So, at first I wondered if I would get paid on time and if I should refer them to anyone else. It didn’t take long to start getting my regular paychecks which are always on time. I have also referred this company as a good place to work to several of my friends and family who are now working for them, also. They are happy with the at-home opportunity and the flexible work schedule.    

When it comes to explaining what this company does, I can do it in three words: search engine optimization. If you are not familiar with how SEO works, I am happy to briefly explain that to you.  

Most likely you have gone to a major search engine and looked something up. Maybe you wanted to find a good plumber in your area. So, in the search box you put in your topic, “plumber”, and your location. Several companies came up, but the top one or two are the ones you looked at first, right? That position of coming up first or second is really important to businesses that rely on new clientele or customers. The process for getting their company to the Number One or Number Two spot is what is called search engine optimization. It is a process that takes a while and a lot of know-how. That’s where Boostability reviews come in.    

When they get a new client, they do a myriad of things online to get the company to show up in the first or second position on the results of a search. Of course, they have a lot of secrets that I don’t know. However, generally-speaking, they use keywords and do a lot of posting around the worldwide web which helps “boost” your company to the top. It takes several months and the more intensely they put those keywords out there on the web, the sooner your company rises to the top. It is a very good way to spend marketing dollars, though, because searching online is how people are finding the businesses they want to contact.    

Overall, I would have to say this is most likely one of the best companies that has the staff and skill to increase a client’s search result position most effectively. The founder of this company had another SEO company before this one, I hear, and that is where he learned how to streamline this process to make this the best possible offering of search engine optimization.    

The way you know that this company is worth it, is because I am here on the perimeter of said company and I can see without being biased. They really want to do a good job for their clients and employees. They strive for excellence and it appears they are very close to that goal.

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