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No matter where you choose to get your news, it is difficult to escape the hundreds of stories which center around the current state of the economy. In many cases, these stories focus on the impact that these tough economic times have had on the average American family. The truth however, is that this is only half of the entire story. The other half of the story is the thousands of small businesses who are struggling to compete due to the incredibly tight budgets that many of their customers have had to adapt to. This struggle can be even worse for brand new businesses which are still trying to establish themselves. Unfortunately, in the midst of all of this there are dozens of SEO marketing companies who offer the solution to small business problems at an extremely high cost.    

Despite the incredibly high monthly fees that many of these SEO companies are charging, many small business owners still choose to utilize these services. In many cases, this decision is based on desperation. After all, for many small businesses, the hope of finding new customers is the only hope that they have left. I wish that I could tell you that these small business owners found the solution that they are looking for, and that their businesses are now flourishing. Sadly however, this is not the case. The fact is, many of these small business owners are now out of business because the SEO company that they chose to work with was unable to deliver the results that they promised. Luckily, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. This light is known as Boostability.    

Boostability is a SEO company that is unlike any other company in the industry. This is because, Boostability is not only committed to promising their clients the moon, the are committed to delivering on those promises. Even more importantly, they are committed to delivering on those promises at a price that their clients can actually afford. After all, the role of a SEO company should be to help increase a company’s profits, not run them into bankruptcy with ridiculous monthly fees.    

Before Boostability signs a contract with any company to provide them with SEO services, Boostability begins the process by offering a free website analysis. This analysis is used to determine what type of services the company will benefit from the most, and what type of results Boostability can reasonably achieve. Not only does this analysis help their clients to get a clearer understanding of why their website is not as visible as they may like, it also helps them to determine whether or not the benefits of an SEO marketing campaign are worth the investment which they will need to make. By providing business owners with as much information as possible prior to signing a contract, Boostability is essentially giving these business owners the power they need to make the best decision for their company.    

This transparency and affordability does not stop once a company signs a contract with Boostability. In fact, the level of transparency only grows. Boostability does not want their clients to have to wonder exactly what they are getting for their money. Instead, they want their clients to always be fully aware of the progress which is happening on their account. In order to provide this level of transparency, Boostability offers each and every last client two very important features. The first feature is a fully comprehensible reporting page which can easily be accessed by simply signing in to the company’s website. The second, is a dedicated account manager who is always available to answer any questions that they may have.

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