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Boostability is a company that partners with small businesses to navigate the world of online marketing. In today’s business world, savvy entrepreneurs know that they won’t last long without an online presence. People are more and more prone to doing their research online before going out and trying businesses that they do not yet know. Word-of-mouth is still a strong marketing strategy, but to really boost a small business into the limelight, a strong, informative website is necessary. Taking it a step beyond, Boostability partners with small businesses to help their website generate a higher volume of traffic in order to get the word out regarding their services. They way in which this happens is through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, and Local Search and Maps Optimization.    

The Internet can be a confusing place. A small business owner may not have much experience with the technology behind the Internet or know how to effectively market their company via the World Wide Web. That is where Boostability steps in. SEO refers to the way that websites are located using a popular internet search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many others. When someone at home types a search phrase into the engine, the search engine then pulls up websites that seem to be the most helpful and valid response to the query. This is determined by an algorithm that recognizes how often those search terms are used on a small business’s website and how often other websites with those search terms refer to and provide hyperlinks to the website of the small business. If a particular website is determined to be sought after by someone searching that particular phrase, it will appear higher in the resulting list of websites that the search engine returns to the person sitting at their computer at home.    

This algorithm is also calibrated to make sure that spam does not appear high on the list of websites. Thus, if a webpage includes little to no helpful information but has the requested search term multiple times, it will not appear on the search list. Boostability uses this information to help make the website of your small business more successful and more available for potential customers and clients.    Boostability helps you to determine key terms and search phrases that potential clients may be searching in order to get to your website or find out about your services. Then, writers create quality online content in the form of short or longer articles that judiciously use those search terms and provide helpful information regarding the topic. With this content published online and linked to your website, the numbers are in your favor when the search engines run their algorithms.    

When you partner with Boostability, you have access to reports of your rankings and online traffic to your website so that you can see the difference that this SEO based marketing does for your business. It is an affordable option for small or local businesses, because it is comparable to phonebook or other advertising media. However, unlike phone books or print advertising, this can reach across the globe and into people’s homes at the click of a mouse button as people search on their computers. It is all about focusing on your strengths through choosing key terms and search phrases that best describe what people want when they come to you for your services. Whether it is dental work, legal advice, construction materials, or plumbing repairs, Boostability can partner with you to make your name more prominent and increase your online presence for a larger potential client and customer base.

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