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Often times, when people think of online marketing they tend to only thing of businesses who operate online. This is quite unfortunate because, businesses who operate primarily online only make up a fraction of all of the businesses who advertise online. As a result of this oversight, many online marketing companies fail to offer services that will benefit brick and mortar businesses who wish to use the internet as a tool to reach out to new customers. After all, more people are now using search engines to locate local businesses than are using traditional methods such as directory assistance or a phone book. Luckily, Boostability one of the fastest growing online marketing companies has recognized the need for these types of services, and has chosen to offer the very best in local search services.    

If you are not familiar with what local search services are, allow me to give you some basic information. When people make a search query for a particular type of business in their local area, the search engines will provide them with a variety of different results that match their query. For instance, if a person searches for Italian restaurants in Orlando, FL, the search engine will provide them with a list of several different Italian restaurants in that area. Unfortunately, this list in its entirety will be extremely long. Depending upon where your business falls on that list, the likelihood that your business will be selected by the searcher may increase or decrease accordingly. The local search services that Boostability offers are designed to ensure that your business appears high enough on the list to increase the possibility that your business will be chosen.    

Another way that many people use the internet to locate local businesses is by using map directories. The idea behind this type of search is that people are able to local businesses which are either closest to their current location or are conveniently located along the route they plan on taking. Unfortunately, it is simply impossible for these directories to automatically include every business that ever existed. After all, the amount of time that would be required to get the contact information of every business in existence would be astronomical. For this reason, companies are often required to submit a request to be added to a particular directory. Depending upon the terms of use of the directory in question, this request may be approved automatically or may require you to provide proof that your company is in fact legit before you are added to the directory. Either way, this process can be quite confusing and time consuming. Luckily, Boostability can take care of this entire process for you. This is because, ensuring that your business is added to all of the most popular map directories is just one more part of the local search services that Boostability offers.    

Finally, another issue which many local businesses encounter is the ability to market several different locations for their business. This is especially true for franchises that have several different locations all within the same local area. As a result, some locations may be doing very well while others experience very little traffic at all. This is why the local search services of Boostability do not only take into the account the needs of businesses with a single location, but also the needs of businesses with several locations throughout the region or the nation. These services will help to ensure that each of your business locations is given the same amount of exposure. As a result, your company will be able to drive new business to locations which may have been struggling due to a lack of exposure.

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