Bristol Bay: One Of The Most Interesting Tourist Destination

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Located on the west coast of the Alaska Peninsula, Bay Britsol has 400 km long and 290 km wide. Shallow over almost its entire surface, it provides a delicate navigation of large vessels. For years, this bay is recognized as a preferred tourist destination for many visitors from around the world. It is also well known for its large production of salmon that provides a large part of the economy of its inhabitants. This national treasure housing a preserved environment where river systems derive five lakes with clear water is a popular destination for lovers of underwater attractions. It is full of many beaches with the fine sands and hotel establishments renowned for the pleasure vacationers. Indeed, the Bristol Bay is a set of pristine beaches that are sustainably managed by national associations to protect overfishing but also illegal activities in terms of tourism.    

The fishing industry sockeye salmon    

The economy of this region open to the Bering Sea is mainly based on commercial fishing for sockeye salmon or sockeye salmon. Every summer, thousands of fishermen land in this region usually quiet within the hope of making miraculous fishing. For six weeks, fierce competition confronts captains and their teams from around the world in fishing conditions generally very difficult. Salmon is a resource millennium this region, many boats are maneuvering when the tide out and netting thousands of tons of this precious treasure before dawn. For a few days, the crews must fight the bad weather, fatigue, and sperm whales. However, this fishing Bristol Bay also has many risks because many teams often return empty-handed.    

Associations for the promotion of fish Alaska    

Since the late nineteenth century, associations for the promotion of fishermen of Bristol Bay have been created to promote and improve the industry based on salmon fishing. During the 1960s and 1970s, these associations aquacultural have stocked in these waters wild salmon to increase the production of these types of salmon. This was also the aim to protect the gene pool of these types of salmon. Thanks to these associations of fishermen who carry out their activities in the area of water of the bay, any form of commercial development affecting its members is prohibited. This includes in particular the possible intrusion of foreign fishermen. Most of these associations work closely with restaurant chains, grocers or distributors professionals to promote fish from the sea of Alaska to the general public.    

The indigenous people of Bristol Bay contest mining projects    

Today, the indigenous people of Bristol Bay are facing a major problem with the project of creating a huge open-pit mine. Canadian companies and Anglo American are poised to exploit deposits of gold, copper and molybdenum metals located in this region. These indigenous people are concerned about the impact of these large scale projects on water quality and therefore the sockeye fishery in their waters. Therefore, the tribes of the region are implementing protests. Indeed, these peoples do not want this mine, which according to experts, will discharge no less than 10 billion tons of trash at the headwaters of the rivers. These actions may affect not only the environment but also the stock of salmon upon which local people for millennia.    

Bristol Bay offers incomparable riches in landscape. These regions, its heritage and aquatic fauna salmon worth a visit. In addition, fishing competitions that are happening in this region attracts tourists and fishing enthusiasts, despite the dangers and disadvantages of these competitions. However, for those who like discovering or who want to spend an unforgettable stay in this holiday, Bristol Bay may be one of the tourist destinations.

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