Casio Launches PROTREK PRW-5000 Watch with Strong Functions

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The professional adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts always can experience the endless nature charm and enjoy the passion and funs that outdoor exploration brings to us. A sporty wristwatch with high-tech and strong functions is your best companion.

This new PROTREK PRW-5000 Watch edition released by Casio is adopted with advanced triple sensors which can precisely measure the various changes of nature date. Meanwhile, it also features original top-grade technology Multiband 6 atomic time sync and solar-power radio-controlled capability. By applying high-tech to practice, it becomes professional outdoor equipment for your wrist which can help you to conquer the high mountain and enjoy the vast deep sea.

Triple sensor technology
PRW-5000 zenith swiss replica watches watch edition with innovative triple sensor technology enables you easily close to nature and travel in the world. This kind of triple sensor device is used for displaying direction, atmosphere pressure, temperature, altitude and compass bearing. Whether you climb for the high mountain or dive in the deep sea, you can clearly know the direction and gains the detailed and clearly date information and picture of atmosphere pressure and altitude. With convenient use and legible function, such watch outfit can give you the most reliable support when you explore in outdoor.

LCD, high visual dial design
Both the hands and LCD are legible and concise. They are applied to display the measurement direction, atmosphere pressure/ temperature and altitude date of triple sensor. And the small dial located in the centre of the dial is used for displaying various measurement dates. When the hour hand and minute hand presents the current time, the small dial also turns into displaying the current date. It accurately performs the important function of this watch and makes the wears clearly read the date through the small dial. Moreover, the time scales of the dial adopts two kinds of colors with the time index using the simple white color, strong contrast further enhancing the readability.

Compass dial for displaying various functions
PPRW-5000 baume mercier replica watches watch edition is extraordinary in dial design. It comes in a compass dial, boosting the sporty sense and cool feeling. In addition, the button device also is set with large size. Even in the cold condition, you can wear the gloves to simply operate it. Three overlarge buttons and COMP digital dial are display in the 16 range of 12 o’clock direction and the angle in the range of 360 degrees. BARO and atmosphere pressure date can update automatically every two hours. ALTI button can display the current height date and also automatically updates every two minutes and 5 seconds.  Different buttons display different functions. It is definitely well-suited for the demands of explorers and climbing enthusiasts.

6 atomic time sync and solar-power radio-controlled system
The creative 6 atomic time sync and solar-power radio-controlled system have the functions of automatic reception time and accurate synchronization together and absorption of solar light for the environment protection. For the outdoors adventuring lovers, it is absolutely practical. No matter where you travel, you can obtain the accurate time and rest-assured go ahead. 

Furthermore, in order to highlight the strong feeling of this sporty watch, the bezel of PRW-5000 watch edition with aluminum frame is full of brightness and vigorousness. Exquisite patterns engraved on the stainless steel bezel reflect detail-oriented spirit and interpret the sporty beauty of outdoor.

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