Cell Phone marketing for business

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Mobile marketing is the use of the mobile phone as a platform for marketing a business to its customers or potential customers. Over the last couple of years mobile marketing has become more and more popular and this trend is set to continue into the future as more and more businesses get on the bandwagon. Although the technology to use mobile phones as a marketing platform has been available for years it is only recently that it has been used. This is partly because of the rise in the number of people not just with mobile phones but with smartphones. Better screens and the ability to type on a phone better means that people are relying on their mobile more and more for accessing all kinds of functions and services where previously they used them for just phone calls.

Mobile marketing takes several different forms. One of the most used is the use of mobile friendly website design to allow people to browse your website easily on their smartphone. Although smartphones today have a great screen with a great resolution the actual physical dimensions are still quite small. This means that a normal website when displayed has pictures and text that is simply too small to read without significant zooming in. More and more companies are looking to get a website optimized for use by a mobile device. This does not normally involve actually getting a different website; rather it is the same website set up to display differently depending what device is viewing the page.

To do this well you’ll want to get someone to change the layout of your page so that the headlines and main images fit a mobiles screen much better making them easier to view. You’ll also want to acknowledge the fact that people use their mobiles online differently to how they use a computer online. Although phones are getting better for browsing most people won’t be using them for extensive research or reading on your website, they are much more likely to be looking for particular details such as your address, opening hours or phone number. An effective mobile marketing website makes all this information as easy to find as possible, preferably put on the front page near the top. Imagine if someone is driving in the area and wants to visit you, they stop quickly to see if your business is nearby and if it is open. If they can’t find that information within just a few minutes you risk losing that customer for good because they will simply continue their journey.

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