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Something that really has been annoying me lately is the supposed “fame” that is surrounding Internet celebrities. Not just any web stars though, I’m talking about those horrendous “musicians” who are famous solely because of how terrible they are. I’m talking about people like Rebecca Black. It wouldn’t bother me as much if these people acknowledged that all of their fame was for their lack of talent, but these people think that the majority of their views are from legitimate fans! They neglect the fact that they are made fun of on comedy podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, and especially Youtube. Not only this, but they make sometimes millions of dollars while bastardizing pop culture! Shitty musicians with catchy songs are dominating the music industry. So now you can hear Friday everyday on your radio!

There are legitimate comedy musicians who make a really good living off of parody songs. Weird Al is one of the best and is the right way to joke about popular music, but that all changed with William Hung on American Idol. In 2004 this man who could barely speak English came on stage and sang cringe worthy renditions of famous songs. Usually the judges laugh and send in the next contestant, but this guy was offered a contract almost immediately after the episode aired! William Hung made $25 thousand up front before his first record was released! People actually bought his music to listen to how bad he was! This man then goes on comedy podcasts thinking that it’s a legitimate interview when it’s all just a joke!

Sometimes I feel sorry for these individuals however. I feel like if I was in that position I would continue making bad music, because I would make way more money than my regular job. Then I would have to endure the constant criticism just to keep my appearance up. So who is to blame for all of this? Us. We as viewers constantly watch these video clips and get a good laugh out of them, but those views ad up to thousands in ad revenue. People just don’t ignore that type of money and viral marketing. Then they get signed to a record deal and their new songs are put on the radio, television, and comedy podcasts because they’re now famous. We create these monsters.

And these horrible bastardizations of the music industries will continue to appear. Even now there is a new viral banshee hitting the airwaves. Gnesa, with her horrible wailing, has people now calling her the new Rebecca Black. Every time I start to feel sorry for everyone wailing on these kinds of people, a new one pops of that just makes my furious! She’s horrible and I can’t take it anymore! I don’t even think they’re funny anymore! It just hurts my ears! We need to stop feeding these trolls of the music industry and focus on higher quality musicians. There are legitimate artists out there who deserve nationwide attention. But if we are still focusing on these jokes, then get used to hearing them every day.

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