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New website owners will want to make sure that they hire a company like Boostability to handle their SEO. It is much easier to design a website with SEO from the beginning with the help of Boostability than to try to redo the SEO for a website later on.    

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a series of techniques that can potentially help a website achieve a higher ranking. While many webmasters handle SEO on their own, doing so can be dangerous because major search engines are regularly changing how they index websites. SEO experts such as those at Boostability keep track of changes in search engine algorithms and will use the relevant knowledge to make sure that their clients achieve long-term and sustainable bumps in their rankings.    

There are many ways that websites can increase their search engine rankings. But the absolute most important thing that should be done is to improve the quality of content on the webpage. Improving the quality of the content will accomplish a variety of goals, including making the users happier and increasing the number of natural links that other websites will point toward the main page.    

Also, it is good to have regular fresh content to let search engines know that the website is still active. Many webmasters will use blogs, since the nature of the blogging medium encourages the creation of new content. Webmasters should create content at least three times a week to keep the spiders active.    

Keyword optimization can potentially increase the page rank of a website, but the keyword optimization should only be seen as a small part of SEO. When engaging in keyword optimization, it is more effective to target keyword phrases instead of targeting a single keyword, especially since single keywords are more competitive.    

When a website does engage in keyword optimization, it is a good idea to focus on keyword optimizing the title tag more than anything else. The business name should not be placed in the title tag because business names do not get searches very often.    

One of the old rules of SEO was that websites could increase their page ranking by placing relevant keywords as the links. While this is still effective, changes in the search engine algorithm has made it necessary for websites to mostly obtain quality links rather than obtaining any type of link. It is also sometimes effective to include social identifiers as links from time to time. For example, it can be a good idea to have “click here” as the link.    

The best links are those that come from websites that are high quality. One factor that determines a quality website is if it is well-known and consistently creates high quality content itself. Another consideration is whether the website provides links for money. If a webmaster spends a certain amount of time trying to rank for one website that is high quality, the webmaster will achieve better results than if he or she spends the same amount of time trying to rank for multiple websites. Quality is definitely more important than quality. Reputation, high-quality content, good links and popularity will all help a website achieve better rankings in the long-run.    

One of the benefits of links is that they can get a website spidered more quickly than having it submitted through a submission form, but only if the link comes from a quality website.    

Managing all of these factors can be difficult for a first time website owner. For this reason, it is a good idea to instead hire an expert SEO company such as Boostability.

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