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If you’ve aspirations to be a professional web designer and have the most recognised qualification for today’s employment market, the course you need is Adobe Dreamweaver. The complete Adobe Web Creative Suite additionally should be studied in detail. This will educate you in Action Script and Flash, amongst others, and will put you on track to gain your Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) or Adobe Certified Professional (ACP) qualification.

In order to develop into a professional web-designer however, you’ll have to get more diverse knowledge. You’ll need to study various programming essentials like HTML, PHP and MySQL. A good understanding of Search Engine Optimisation and E Commerce will also improve your CV and employability.

Workshops get pushed as a strong aspect by many training companies. When you talk to most IT students who have partaken in a couple, you’ll find they generally end up being seen as a waste of time due to many reasons:

* Regular visits to the centre – very long trips a lot of the time.

* Mon-Fri availability with workshops is typically the case, and with 2-3 days to book off work, this causes a lot of problems for the majority of students who work.

* Lost annual leave – the majority of workers only have 20 days holiday. If you use up half of that with study days, that doesn’t leave much holiday time left for most student’s families.

* Classes normally get fully subscribed quite quickly, leaving us with something that we don’t really want.

* Many attendees want to work as quickly as possible, others want a more steady pace and want to set their own pace that fits. This generates tension and difficulty a lot of the time.

* Tot up the cost of all the fares or petrol, parking, accommodation and food and you could be in for a major shock. Trainees mention extra costs of hundreds to thousands of pounds over time. Break it down – and you’ll see how.

* Privacy is important to us all. We wouldn’t want to run the risk of throwing away any potential advancement that we’re owed while we retrain.

* Most of us find it difficult to ask questions when surrounded by our fellow attendees – who wants to look like they’re the only one who doesn’t get it?

* Working and living away – many attendees find they have to work or live away for sections of their training. Workshops are problematic to attend, but the monies have already been handed over in your initial payment.

To find a more flexible route, employ videoed workshops in the comfort of your own chosen environment – and do it when it’s convenient to you – not someone else. You can study anywhere you want. Got a laptop?… Then take in a little sunshine outside while you work. If you have any difficulties then logon to the 24×7 support facility. You’ll never have to write notes again – you have the lessons and accompanying information ready-made for you. Any time you want to repeat something, it’s there. What could be more straightforward: No wasted time or money, travelling is avoided; plus you end up with a more relaxed learning environment. Simply pop over to for well-rounded data.

It’s so important to understand this key point: You have to get round-the-clock 24×7 instructor and mentor support. You’ll severely regret it if you don’t adhere to this. Many only provide email support (too slow), and phone support is often to a call-centre that will just take down the issue and email it over to their technical team – who’ll call back sometime over the next 1-3 days, when it’s convenient to them. This is no good if you’re stuck with a particular problem and only have a specific time you can study.

The very best programs opt for an internet-based 24 hours-a-day facility pulling in several support offices across the globe. You get a simple interface that accesses the most appropriate office at any time of day or night: Support on demand. Seek out a training company that offers this level of study support. Only true live 24×7 support provides the necessary backup.

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