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Boostability is an internet marketing company which is located in American Fork, UT. Due to the incredible growth that this company has experienced since first arriving in the industry in 2009, Boostability is now able to offer a wide variety of career options to those individuals who are interested in the internet marketing business. Today, I would like to take a closer look at some of these career options that Boostability offers.    

SEO Fulfillment Specialist    

An SEO fulfillment specialist at Boostability is responsible for creating unique, quality content for the company’s clients. This content is typically created in the form of blog posts. This entry level position is perfect for students and others who live a busy lifestyle. What makes this position so ideal for these individuals is the flexibility which is provides. This position offers part time opportunities in the Boostability office, as well as work from home opportunities. Those individuals who choose to work in the office environment may also benefit from the many opportunities for advancement within the company.    

Guest Blog Posting Specialist    

The ideal candidate for this job will already have a working knowledge of Word Press and blogging etiquette. The role which a guest blog posting specialist plays within the Boostability family is to identify guest posting opportunities, and to submit guest posts to on a variety of different topics. This individual is also responsible for creating and managing several different industry specific sites. While a degree is not a requirement for this mid level position, applicants with an Associates degree in English, Editing, or Writing will be given priority.    

Freelance French Writer    

As Boostability has continued to grow over the last three years, they have decided to expand their SEO services into the French market as well. As a result, the demand for freelance French writers has increased dramatically among the Boostability family. In order to qualify for this position, writers must be fluently able to read and write in French. Simply using a translation software will not be sufficient in order to qualify for this position. This position also offers the ability to work from home or in an office setting. Applicants for this position will be required to take a grammar test which is given in French. If you are not fluently able to read as well as write in French, you will not be able to past this test.    

Internet Network Specialist    

An internet network specialist is a key part of the Boostability family. This is because, an internet network specialist is required to build, customize, and upgrade a variety of websites using the Word Press platform. Applicants must have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS in order to be considered for this position. An associates degree in marketing or web design is also a plus.    

Inside Sales Consultant    

Without the work of an inside sales consultant, Boostability would not be the thriving company which it is today. This is because, these sales consultants are responsible for selling the SEO services which Boostability offers to the businesses who require these services. While this position does not require you to have any formal training or degree, prior sales experience is preferred. It is also important for prospective candidates to have a warm and friendly personality which will appeal to the customers that they communicate with. Candidates should also be extremely self motivated, and able to stay on task without being directly supervised. This position not only offers competitive pay and benefits, but a very generous commission structure as well. With both full and part time positions available, the inside sales consultant position is ideal for those who require a flexible schedule.

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