Factors To Take Into Account When Choosing A Beamer

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Beamers, otherwise known as multimedia projectors, are now more popular than ever. The truth is, a lot of people have beamers inside their home to enhance their cinema viewing experience manifold. In case you are thinking about buying one, here are a few factors to consider so you can know the right beamer for your requirements.

Projector brightness

Brightness in projectors is rated in lumens: the greater the lumen value, the better the beamer is. Normally, the brighter the environment you will be using the projector in, the brighter the projector must be. As a result, a home cinema projector with under 1000 lumens can presently deliver exceptional picture quality since it is going to be utilised in a dark room. Still, if the same beamer is needed outdoors during daytime, the pictures will look washed out.

A second guideline would be that the more in depth the picture you want to project, the brighter the projector needs to be. That said, if you need to project text, graphs, or any other comprehensive materials you will need a beamer with at the very least 2000 lumens.


Relating to projector resolution, the larger the pixel number, the crisper the projected image would be. There’s a selection of resolutions to choose from, and as you progress up this spectrum, so does the price tag. SVGA and WVGA are the two lowest rungs in terms of projector resolution, and their popularity stems from them being affordable. Full HD beamers, also called 1080p beamers, and 2K beamers, comprise the top two rungs in terms of resolution. Obviously, those are the priciest. If you would like to invest in a projector that could show images with good contrast and quality but don’t have to shell out a lot of money, search for models that have XGA, HD2 or 720p, and WXGA resolutions. Yet, also remember that it is advisable to tie the projector’s resolution to the source’s resolution. If you’ve got a laptop with XGA resolution, and you utilize a full HD beamer, you still will not get the sharpest and cleanest image.


One can find three types of projector technology, namely, LCD, DLP, and LCOS. DLP projectors do a better job with regards to projecting videos considering that the images they deliver are better. LCD projectors however are good for data or detailed content simply because they can deliver crispier images. LCOS are not as popular given that they tend to be pricey and dead pixels tend to be more noticeable on them than with other technologies. Having said that, they’re able to provide brightness similar to LCD, and offer you smooth, film-like image like DLP. Projector technology is constantly improving, and also nowadays, you can already buy 3D full HD beamers. Click here for more information on these brand new projectors.

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