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The Windows operating system has come a long way thanks to Microsoft. While not every version has been a complete success, overall the glitches and bugs have been mostly overcome. Windows 7 is proving to be a powerful operating system, and more than likely Windows 8 will be even more momentous than Windows 7. It really doesn’t matter what version of Windows you use. Each version has an amazing selection of shortcuts you can start using today to make your time at the computer easier and more productive.

At times, you may want more than to just maximize your view and view something in full screen mode. Favorite items to view on your whole screen are photographs and videos, for example. The detail is much better than with a maximized screen. Full Screen mode is exactly what it says. There is no header or text bar appearing on the screen. Using Windows Media Player or Windows Explorer, open your video or image and press the F11 key, which is in the top row on your keyboard and it will switch to full view. Pressing the Escape Key (ESC) will take you out of full screen mode and back to your previous view. This only works with Windows XP or Windows 7. Do you have Windows 7? If so, you were probably awed by the Aero Glass Theme that was installed on your PC. While this is attractive to look at, it uses up quite a bit of memory and slows down your computer. When a Windows 7 owner has enjoyed the Aero themes for a while, he or she may decide to save memory and gain more speed by changing over to one of the Basic themes that are available. You don’t have to do anything special to disable an Aero theme. All that’s necessary is to go to the Control Panel and choose Change a Theme under Appearance and Personalization. Actually, you may weigh the speed of your PC against keeping an Aero theme, and decide you really would like to have the Aero themes in place. Navigate to for quality tips.

If you have owned your computer for some time, you have undoubtedly collected a lot of different files. These can be difficult to keep track of, and you may have your own preferred method of arranging them. If you have Windows Vista or XP, you can use folders such as My Documents or My Pictures to keep track of your files, and you can decide whether to group your files by type, date, size as well as other options. Even better organization possibilities exist with the Windows 7 operating system within their Library format. If you make use of this feature, you will be able to keep track of all of your different types of files, no matter where they’re stored. Libraries are a more advanced way to organize your files in a way that’s convenient for you.

If you use Windows, you may as well get the most out of it. The suggestions in this report will help your Windows be more efficient. Your reasons for using a computer are as unique as you are, and you can make your daily work easier and more efficient by learning more shortcuts. As soon as you realize the benefits of learning better and more efficient ways to use Windows, the possibilities will be endless.

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