Four reasons why you should be using a text messaging solution for your company

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Using a text messaging service to send out special offers and deals to your customers is one of the latest trends in marketing for both small and large businesses. While large and businesses doing most of their trade over the internet have been the first to pick them up the method can be scaled up or down for any business regardless of what they are selling. For example if you own a clothes store you can sign your customers up to your text messaging service to let them know of exclusive discount codes that they can use to save money on particular purchases made at your store. They will benefit by saving money and you will benefit by bringing in more repeat customers and building a trusting relationship with them. If you’re still not convinced here are four great reasons why you might want to give a text messaging service a try for your business:

1) Reach anyone anywhere

When was the last time you left home without your mobile phone? Unless you’re a particularly forgetful person the answer is likely to be quite a long time ago. Today nearly everyone owns a phone and no-one leaves home without it. This means that when you send out a message it is almost instantly received and read by your customer base whether they are at home, at work or taking a stroll in the park.

2) More likely to be read than email

Many people sign up for newsletters by email and then lose interest and the newsletters simply pile up in their inbox without having been read. Luckily because text message marketing is still relatively rare compared to email marketing messages sent out to phones have a far higher open rate than emails. Recent statistics suggest that upwards of 95% of SMS messages are opened and read within 95% of being received.

3) Cost effective

With an open rate of more than 95% and the ability to reach your customers anywhere at any time you’d think that a text message service would come at a premium but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is SMS marketing effective but it is also cheap and many providers compete to keep their prices low to attract new customers. Despite this there are many companies out there not taking advantage of this trend and by embracing it now you’ll be on the bandwagon before it gets full. You can’t afford not to start now before your competitors start using test message marketing as well.

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