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If you are interested in pursuing a career in court reporting in Oklahoma City there is a process that you’ll want to follow. This career doesn’t take years of education like other positions, but you will need to go through some training, and you’ll need to dedicate yourself to the training program. As a court reporter you’ll sit in the courtroom during different cases and trials to report everything that is said between all of the parties involved in a case, and this is how the court keeps track of what goes on during each case over time. The first thing you’ll need to do is find a training program in the area that you can fit into your schedule.    


A court reporter will type in stenography, which is an abbreviated code. To find training for court reporting in Oklahoma City you’ll need to find a post high school training center. Community colleges that offer two year or associate degree programs often have this training program, along with trade and vocational schools. There are also some online schools with a program. You will need to meet schools eligibility requirements to get into the program, which is most likely having earned a high school diploma or GED before enrolling. Once you are in the program you are going to want to practice your stenography, the code in which stenographer’s type in for court reporting, so you’re ready to complete the program and to take the testing that will follow to become certified.    


There is a national test that all court reporters need to pass so that they can get put on the national registry after they have completed their training. The test is going to require that you are able to type with 95 percent accuracy, and there are going to be written examinations as well. To do court reporting in Oklahoma City you’ll also need to take additional tests for the state of Oklahoma to get certified. To become a court reporter you will also need to pass a background check. You will want to make sure that you study before taking all of your exams and tests, and that you practice typing so you are prepared to get certified after you have completed training, if you’re hoping to get a job quickly.    


Finding a job for court reporting in Oklahoma City isn’t going to be difficult, and many courts won’t require that you have a lot of experience to get started. The job will include sitting in court room during different cases and trails, reporting what is said by everyone, and information that pertains to the case. As a court reporter you are going to be expected to maintain professionalism throughout all cases that you’re reporting on. Since the judicial system is always going to be around, this is a popular and growing field for professionals, and the employment rate is projected to continue growing over the next two decades.    

If you are curious if court reporting in Oklahoma City could be a good job opportunity for you, you’ll want to possibly job shadow a court reporter for the day to learn more. Check into your local Oklahoma City training programs to become a court reporter and to learn stenography if you think this is going to be a good program for you, and if you think that this is the type of career you want to have. The training program to be a court reporter is much shorter than many other degree programs, and it’s going to provide you with a stable career and income for the future.

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