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Castor WheelsTo move a stationary object like a cupboard, welding machine, home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and many other light or heavy objects is not an easy task. The reason being their immovable nature, but if the same objects are pivoted on castors, then the things just work out easier. With just a little push or pull, the objects can be moved from one place to another.

For this reason Castor Wheels are mostly in use today. They can be used in every light and heavy weighted object instantly. These are small wheels mounted below the objects to make them movable either in one direction or in every direction. Due to the ease of access and high comfort the utility of these wheels are getting higher gradually. Either the objects are needed to move inside a home, school, office, hospital, industry, shop or anywhere; they can be moved easily through the use of these small wheels.

Castors2go is a professional company which deals in high quality castors. This company provides unparalleled quality of light and heavy duty castor made up of aluminum, rubber, plastic, nylon and stainless steel. Our distribution centers are located in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Castors2go provides a wide range of options in Castor Wheels. All kinds of suitable castors can be found in this company suitable for any type of object either small or big. Light duty, heavy duty, industrial, medical, extra heavy duty pneumatic wheels etc are some of the areas where it provides its impeccable service.

All types of orders are placed and shipped within the same day. It means that the customer doesn’t have to wait too long for his order to get delivered. In addition, Castors2go provides free shipment across Australia. All of its best designed castors are also available online and at very affordable rates. In addition, the company provides an extended one year warranty on the purchase of its every type of Castor Wheels. Not only this, Castors2go also provides a flat 25% off in its products when buying 24 or more castors.

With a strong reputation, Castors2go is always dedicated to meet the standards and expectations of its customers. There is no such specific corner untouched by this company, for which it would have had turned its customer down. Hence from home furniture and appliances to the big industries, Castors2go has a definite and perfect solution for each of them.

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