How cell phone advertising for business work

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Mobile marketing is simply marketing that takes advantage of people’s use of mobile phones. With the increase in ownership of smart phones mobile marketing has become increasingly important as the mobile phone has become most customers’ primary method of communication, replacing the computer. Today most people don’t leave the house without their mobile phone and are rarely more than a few meters away from it. If you need to find directions somewhere or find some information out rather than looking for the nearest computer most people can now simply take out their mobile phone and find the information through the internet on their smart phone. If you want your business to be as accessible to customers as possible it is important you communicate with your customers in a way that is accessible by their mobile phone.

One of the most important ways that customers learn about you and your business is through your website. Today websites are large and complicated, often containing plenty of text and images. While smartphones today are capable of showing these sites as they are on a mobile the size of the screen means that to read any text your customer will need to zoom in which will make navigating the site and finding the information they need much harder. To take full advantage of the increase in use of smart phones you need to have your website in a format that can be read easily on a mobile phone. This does not need to be a separate website but instead you can setup your website so that when a mobile phone is asking for the data it sends it in a different and more easily read format. When formatting a website for the mobile it is important that the most relevant information is put at the top. For someone searching for your website on their mobile this is likely to include your address, contact details and opening hours. This is because anyone accessing your website is likely on the move and looking for a business like yours in the area. If you do not have a mobile website formatted to help these customers you could be losing out on valuable custom.

Another great way to take advantage of mobile marketing is to capture the mobile phone numbers of your current clients and send them exclusive offers, deals and information to help build a relationship with them and keep them coming back as returning customers. Because people always have their mobiles with them and will normally open any message quite quickly you can send them time-sensitive offers to help drive business your way. For example you might decide to have a quick 1-week sale. If you send out a text to your customers on Monday morning advertising your sale it is likely that 95% of them will have read the message within a few hours of it being sent out and may then come in that week to take advantage of the sale. If you had sent an email however your message might not have been read for days and it would have been too late for them to take advantage of the sale.

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