How To Write A Job Description

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If you’re an employer that is trying to find a perfect employee then you need to create a stellar job description. You see, a job description not only explains what the employee’s roles and responsibilities will entail but will also clarify those unique qualifications that you are seeking from an employee. By failing to create a stellar description and hap hazardously drafting a poor description, you’ll likely end up with unqualified candidates that will waste your precious time and hiring resources.
In this article, we will discuss how to write a stellar job description that gets prospects motivated and interested in working for your company while carefully weaning out unqualified people.
1. Brainstorm about the position.
Take some time and think about the skills and qualifications that your perfect employee would possess. For instance, would they be able to handle various tasks, be able to use certain software or office equipment, have specific training, skills or personality? Once you have the vision of the type of person you’re seeking, write down those qualifications on paper.
2. Next, evaluate your list in terms of those skills which are in fact realistic. For instance, if you’re expecting someone to handle multiple tasks then are you willing to compensate them commensurate with their efforts? Good people will generally cost more money. Its just a fact of life.
3. Consider your current and future hiring needs. For instance, if you plan on opening up a new position in the future and may need your new employee to travel or relocate, then make a note to include this in the description. Its no good hiring an employee today, that can’t fit in with your plans for the company.
4. Do a little market research to evaluate how other employers have written job descriptions. What type of terminology did they use? Were there descriptions clear and to the point? If you were an employee searching for a position, would you be interested in their position? Why or why not?
5. Next, start writing. Craft your job description while being extremely detailed. For instance, include the expected performance, required skills, job duties (include all tasks), etc. Also, make sure that you include a descriptive narrative on any additional shared job responsibilities and how you’ll evaluate, measure and reward performance.
6. Be crystal clear about what you expect on a daily basis. For instance, what specific tasks and responsibilities will the person need to be successful? Are you open to paying for training courses? If so, how much? Do you require any specific licenses or degrees or work experience? Will you trade professional experience for these attributes? For instance, if the educational background is preferred then say so,
In conclusion, writing a stellar job description isn’t difficult but it requires a bit of thought and effort on your part. By visualizing your dream employee, being clear about your needs, conducting market research, writing a detailed description, you’ll find the perfect employee.

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