Makeup Artist Toronto Tips for Brides

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It can be challenging to get the correct colour combination for bridal makeup. It is usually recommended that individuals keep away from bright colours or the melodramatic approach; as the photographs that you take on this day will be shown years to come.

Planning in advance

Nearly all brides are going to sob, no less than once at some point in time on their wedding day. The reality is, the most organized bride will cry on such a meaningful day, therefore waterproof make-up is the best approach, as this is the only way to avoid having the bride’s makeup running half way through the ceremony. Keeping the mascara and eye liner to a minimum also helps in avoiding the makeup from running.

Tips in Applying Bridal Makeup

An easy way to have the foundation last for as long as possible, is to first put on a concealer then the foundation as usual; after you have done this allow a couple of seconds to past, then spot gently with tissue. Using the tissue would allow for the absorption of any additional oil and leave behind the colour of the make-up. In the event that you are removing a great amount of the foundation through this technique, then apply more foundation than you normally would prior to blotting.

Face powder that is loose should be applied with a full-sized brush to set foundation. The application of powder to the skin with a puff rather than a brush may cause more powder to collect on the skin; this will eventually cause the bride to sweat more than normal resulting in a shiny appearance when the photos are taken.

Selecting a brush that is around the size of the apples of the cheeks would be ideal for applying the blush. Choose colours that are sufficiently visible on the tip of the brush then tap against the cheeks; it is important that you blend as you go towards the temples. Use a clean sponge to gently blend in the blush. This will guarantee the perfect appearance as blush will not look as if it is merely resting on the top of the skin and a natural enrichment of the skin’s colour will be achieved. Lipstick can be applied in the same manner as powder and can be applied prior to the lipstick colour. This helps to have a lasting coverage. Likewise, brightening the eyes require a soft white colour on the brow bone, the inside corners of the eyes and right above as well as below the lash line.

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