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After years of using various do-it-yourself versions of the Cuchini to prevent camel toe in tankinis, yoga pants and other form fitting garments, it occurred in order to us that some other women must be encountering this fashion faux pas known as camel toe. Not only were we genuine that these women might welcome a quick remedy to simplify just what used to require MacGyver kind solutions, but we continue to gain popularity inside markets we by no means originally contemplated.

Our website boasts over 1,000 brand-new visitors daily and our customer base is continuing to grow to include both home and many international consumers from countries including Australia, Great Britain, along with Jamaica, cameltoe is rapidly as an international brand through word of mouth as we don’t make use of regular advertising strategies because we are a little women owned enterprise. We are continuously striving to create new product outlines to help our fellow women with their fashion accessory needs.

Our customers share with us that they can don’t have any time to waste between juggling operate, family and friends to worry about these kind of awful fashion imitation pas. The bottom line is women don’t want to show off their own camel toe in public current proliferation of smartphone’s with video and cameras everywhere, young people need to be comfortable delivering an image that the web can circulate around the globe in seconds. It is our goal at Cuchini to provide women with these products to provide this peace of mind. We sincerely thank you for visiting our website and for your current interest in the camel toe .

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