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Why it often say that women are so inbound to things using their life? They have always problems when they choose a perfume,their clothing ,their bags .The true is other.Girls know the art of a fragrance ,they know how to choose a new perfume properly and that’s why they are so inward.

A perfume is actually created from a mix of natural skin oils,aromatic compounds and also solvent. The give an impression of a perfume is actually created from 3 different be aware:the rush note of the perfume(the 1st smell of the perfume),the middle note of the perfume(the odor that we fill regarding 30 min.afterwards,now we can be aware of real smell of which perfume) and the foundation note of a scent(the smell that we load about 2 h afterwards, from this reason a perfume smell completely different from a person to other ) .

parfumuri originale

Perfumes categories:
perfume -contains the best concentration of perfume(cologne 80-85% 15-20% alcohol), and the scent can last until 8h,
drinking water perfume-concentration of perfume is about 12-15% and the alcohol is found in in conjunction with concentration of 85-87% water. Your smell can last involving 6 and 8h and is also very strong when the weather conditions are cold.,

Toilet water-concentration is all about 5-12% perfume and alcoholic beverages is found in combination with drinking water in a concentration of 85-87%. The particular smell can last 5-6 a long time.
cologne-concentration is about 2-6% perfume, and alcohol is found in conjunction with water in most attention.The smell might take about 2-4 hours
powdered, perfumed body cream, roll-on deodorant-Extension of a perfume and specified for to help the perfume to persist throughout the day and to reduce the amount of perfume used.

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