Penny Auctions

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Every day each of us is always looking for the best offer of products for the home or for work, but sometimes the excessive cost prevents its purchase. The Internet offers a wide range of online stores, where with some coupon codes you can save few dozen of euro, but the deal is another thing. With the advent of penny auction, there is no reason to worry since you will be able to buy what you want at prices below market value. Since few years till now the market of online auction is growing, specially the auctions where an user bets 0.01? to try to win the desire objects that normally cost thousand of euro, where the final price is so low that a normal online auction cannot arrive. The operation is very simple, as with any normal auction, the penny one starts with a base price that is set by the admin of the website, usually from ? 0.01; at the start of the auction, the timer decreases to reach zero, based on reset time set, which could be 10, 20, 30 or 60 seconds from the end, if you make a bet in this period, the timer will reset each time and decreases again. If the user that places the last bet, and if the latter will not exceeded before the timer will reaches the zero, this user will win the auction . The savings is approximately normally around 80% compared to the list price of the product. To participate in the auction, you must register to the site and purchase chips, the cost varies from site to site, and use it to point. Some people wonder how the owners of these sites earn, it is simple: more users that partecipate to an auction, it means that more tokens alre purchased, more percentage of earning increases, of course removing the actual cost of the product and management.

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