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When Apple releases new iPads, is a huge deal. The anticipation and delivery is always high, as it will probably be for the iPad 3. Does the new iPad live up to its expectations? We are going to look at this new device from Apple and see what it has ‘under the hood’. Even though Apple has not officially called the new iPad ‘iPad 3’, regardless of the name, we will look at its positive and negative features.

The new iPad is offering improved ways to connect that include built in Wi-Fi and 4G capability. This allows you to connect using either AT&T or Verizon, and covers most places that you might be traveling. Many people travel internationally. So to connect, you will need a local SIM card to do this. Having higher speeds is just one of the ways that Apple is making sure that the new iPad is up-to-date. The site that also allows you to chat with friends or surf the web just like you normally would. The iPad is a device that you can use to connect with other Apple devices like the MacBook or the iPod. A new data plan will be required. You don’t have to have a contract, as it is only a month-to-month plan. Although it does not promise to exceed the 10 hour battery life of the Apple iPad 2, the iPad 3 will at least compare. When you consider the fact that the iPad 3 as four times the pixelation of the iPad 2, plus so many new features, the battery life is quite exceptional. So you can use this device for quite some time before having to charge it again. Battery life is one important area where the iPad has consistently outperformed the competition. Many tablets, in fact, only get about half the battery life of the iPad. Try the facts on cell phone unlock code for the best information.

Do you read a lot of books? You can do this with your iPad. Regardless of the format of the digital book (Kindle or otherwise), it is becoming easier to read nonfiction and fiction books digitally. It is very commonplace to see people reading digital magazines. Apple has its own bookstore, iBooks, which has a half a million books for you to read. Amazon books are also accessible. You just need to download the Kindle app. You can either pay for books, or download free ones. It’s up to you. When you read on the iPad, you have the ability to underline or highlight text – you can even make notes! It also comes with a dictionary to help you with tough words.

An upgrade from an already impressive device, the iPad 3 is truly exceptional. Without a doubt, Apple makes the best tablet on the market, with no competitors closing in. There is no way around it – you can completely justify the cost of the new iPad based upon the features that it has to offer and the quality of the product that you will end up with, especially when compared to other tablets.

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