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The internet is a part of business in the modern world. Internet access from desktop and laptop computers as well as smartphones has reached all-time highs. More and more people are plugged into the web all the time. When all you have to do is whip out your phone and conduct a web search for whatever goods or service you might be in need of, it really should be no surprise that over 80% of people conduct a web search before making a purchase whether they plan to make the purchase online or from a brick-and-mortar store. A lot of people use the internet, but few people are willing to dig through more than a page or two of search results before selecting a store or site to meet their needs. What this means for businesses, whether web-based or brick-and-mortar, is that a strong web presence is necessary to growing a business. SEO and local search optimization is possible, but it takes skill, time, and resources. Improving your web presence is really not something that a business owner should try to do alone. Instead, SEO and local search optimization is really something to trust to an SEO company like Boostability.    

Before contracting with an SEO company, it is important to come to terms with a few realities of SEO. First, Google and other search engines do not want to fill the first pages of search results with low quality websites. If people did not get good results by using the internet, they wouldn’t use the internet. Thus, if any site could game the system and climb to the top, search engines would have no way of reserving the top spots for the sites that are most likely to meet web searcher’s needs. In order to discourage people from gaming the system, Google and other search engines update their search algorithms from time to time to eliminate the possibility of gaming the system. Thus, any SEO company that tells you that can help you rocket to the top is probably pulling your leg. Boostability will tell you that SEO takes time, but it is possible. Testimonials on their site describe a slow but consistent climb to the top of search results. These same testimonials describe how improving search results has helped to grow business by as much as 20% or more. So here is a quick recap of SEO realities: Rocketing to the top of search results is really not a reality. SEO takes time. Boostability stays apprised of the latest changes to search engine algorithms so that they can provide their customers with quality help.    

Just as there are challenges and proven methods for improvement when it comes to SEO, there are challenges and methods of improvement that are unique to local search optimization. For example, Google maps optimization and Yelp help is really not necessary for a web-based business, but they are important parts of the local search optimization process. Boostability is just as capable at helping customers with local search optimization as they are with SEO. Again, all you have to do is check out the reviews posted by happy customers to see that Boostability really knows what they are doing with local search optimization. While SEO can be difficult for a business owner to go alone, Boostability has positioned themselves to be in a position to provide the kind of help that make boosting web presence a smooth process for businesses. They have experienced SEO professionals, proprietary technologies, and all the right resources to provide SEO and local search optimization help for their customers. Boosting your web presence doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, challenging venture, and working with Boostability can give you the SEO success you need to grow your business.

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