Small Grassroots Organization May Help Obama Win Election

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A small grassroots organization known only by a few as may be the key that is needed to help President Obama in winning the up coming 2012 Presidential Election. The President of the organization James Rivers is asking people from all over the United States to join one of many I Am America.. Not 47 Percent Rallies, that are being held in different cities and towns across the country on Sunday November 4, 2012. The organization has a link on it’s website where you can join or become a rally organizer.

“We need a President who has shown that he cares about all the people of America, and that does not divide America into a top-half and a bottom-half or a bottom 47 percent,” says James Rivers President of I Am America.

The grassroots organization’s headquarters and focal point of launching it’s “I Am America.. Not 47 Percent” movement is Downtown Memphis Tennessee, where one of many nationwide rallies will be held. What is interesting about the central location of Memphis, is that it is the birth place of the “I AM A Man” movement of the nineteen sixties that changed this nation. The I Am A Man movement during the sixties focused on Memphis sanitation workers who marched with their heads held up high and said to America, “Simply because I pick up your garbage, I should not be viewed as a no-body or a lower-class citizen.. I am still a man.. I am somebody.”

Mitt Romney’s caviler 47 percent statements, which were made behind closed doors, divided American into two separate and distinct classes of citizens, lower-class and upper-class citizens. Those statements may indeed be what cost Mitt Romney to lose the 2012 Presidential Election. “People need to think before they cast their vote on November 6th and ask themselves if they really want a President who views almost half of America, which, by the way, includes Democratic, Republicans, Independents and undecided voters, as the bottom-half of America,” says James Rivers.

The grassroots organization’s battle cry to America is, “Mitt Romney when you are behind closed doors and you speak of me, don’t refer to me as a no-body, a number, a lower class citizen, or a statistic. I Am AMERICA..Not 47 Percent.”

Memphis Tennessee is just one of many cities that is planning an I Am America.. Not 47 Percent Rally. Rallies are also being planned in the following cities.
Colorado – Florida – Iowa – Nevada – New Hampshire – North Carolina – Ohio – Virginia – Wisconsin.

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