Steps On Decorating Your Kid’s Space

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Every child will recall their first bedroom, and to a certain extent, this room can define their personality, so it makes sense that you put a lot of thought to how you will decorate it. If you are planning on designing your kid’s bedroom, here are some things to consider.

Determine what the room requires

Just like any other space in your house, you need to design a child’s room according to the requirements of its intended user. When deciding on the layout of your child’s bedroom, determine the amount of storage you will need, how large the bed will be, and what other accessories to add to the space.

Put the bed first

The bed or complete nursery set will take the most space in your child’s room, so put this in first. Once that’s done, you can set up other furnishings around the bed.

Be smart about furniture purchases

Whether you are looking for a bed or complete nursery set, don’t buy solely on the basis of cost. Rather, you should give more importance on style, safety, and durability. For beds, it is smarter to purchase ones that can be used as-is instead of spending money to modify a bed which will end up below par. In addition, keep in mind that your child’s needs will change frequently within the year, so it would be sensible to buy furniture pieces that are flexible.

Don’t hesitate to combine styles

You do not have to buy furnishings and accessories that are color-coordinated. Select each piece separately, and try to get ones that are more practical than merely aesthetically appealing. However, try to resist the urge of buying a lot of accessories as this will make the space look chaotic.

Do not paint and decorate a bedroom mainly according to gender

Blues and pinks are traditionally used for boys’ and girls’ rooms, respectively. While you can use those conventional colors, try not to overdo it. Why not use a neutral color on the walls, and use the color from accessories, linens, and furniture pieces to define the color motif. This ensures that the bedroom won’t be an eyesore, but also enables you to readily change color motifs when your kid wants to.

Include your kid in the designing process

A successful bedroom design job is one where your kid develops a feeling of being the owner of that space. That said, if your child is already in his toddler years, give your kid at least one thing they are responsible for choosing. For example, let him or her choose which pillow cases or curtains to use, or what lamps to install. If the bedroom will be shared by siblings, let each of them to select something to add to their room.

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