The Pros And Cons Of Different Types Of Coffee Makers

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If you consume coffee every day, or several times within the day, purchasing your own coffee machine can be a sensible investment. There are 3 common types of coffee makers on the market, and these are conventional espresso makers, bean-to-cup coffee makers, and capsule coffee machines. Each one of these has its own pros and cons.

Conventional espresso machines

This type of coffeemaker tends to be much more affordable and lighter than bean-to-cup variants. They use ground coffee, which is also much cheaper and gives more options than pods used in capsule coffeemakers. In addition, you have more control on the amount of ground coffee and water to put in to your cup, therefore, you can easily adjust the strength of your coffee according to your taste.


Unfortunately, this type of coffee machine is associated with a steep learning curve especially as to how to fill and use the portafilter properly. It can also be troublesome to maintain because unlike other coffee machines, you have to clean it often to ensure no blockages will form in the portafilter.

Bean-to-cup coffee machines


This kind of coffee machine comes with a grinder so you can grind coffee beans any time you want in order to produce the freshest cup of coffee. Unlike conventional espresso makers, they are usually fully automated, so with just a few button pushes, you can already enjoy your hot coffee. Just like traditional espresso coffeemakers, they can accommodate a wide selection of coffee beans. Examples of fully automatic coffee machines include the Verobar and Verocafe series from Bosch. Go here to discover additional information about Bosch coffee maker with automated bean-to-cup feature.


They are usually more costly than other types of coffee maker. In addition, if you intend to store your coffee machine in between uses, if you have limited counter space, or you do not consume coffee as much, this type may not be the best choice for you.

Capsule coffee machines


If you would like to make coffee quickly and as clean as possible, then a capsule coffee machine is a good choice. They are an excellent option if you do not plan to use a coffee machine frequently, as the sealed capsules keep the coffee fresh. They are generally more compact and portable, making them convenient to stow away after each use.


The variety of coffee put into capsules is limited, and more often than not, you can only use one brand of capsules with these machines. While the machine is less expensive to buy at the outset, the capsules may be more costly in the long run than using coffee beans or ground coffee. Also, since the coffee comes prepackaged, you have less control over the intensity and amount of your coffee.

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