The Role Of A Traffic Attorney In Miami

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Losing your driving privileges due to a suspended or revoked license is not only an inconvenience for many people, it can also interfere with a person’s ability to support themselves. As serious as these consequences may be, you should know that they pale in comparison to some of the consequences which are handed out as a result of traffic violations. In fact, there are several traffic violations which are considered criminal offenses and can result in a jail sentence. This is why the role of a Miami traffic attorney is such a vital part of the legal system.    

The job of a traffic attorney in Miami is to represent their clients in traffic court. Since nearly all traffic tickets will require you to defend your position in front of a judge, it is extremely important that you choose a traffic attorney which is comfortable with courtroom proceedings. In fact, one of the most important skills for any traffic attorney in Miami to posses is the ability to successfully present their case in a court of law.    

Depending upon the nature of your traffic ticket, the consequences for being convicted of a traffic infraction can vary greatly. While the majority of tickets will simply result in a fine and perhaps the need for a defensive driving course, more serious infractions can carry a minimum of one year in jail if you are found guilty. In addition to the possibility of jail time, being convicted of any criminal offense may impact your ability to obtain a job or credit in the future. This is because, many employers and creditors will perform a background check prior to making you a job or loan offer. Being convicted of any crime will show up on that background check and may be considered a reason to disqualify you.    

It is simply not possible for a Miami traffic attorney to get every single traffic ticket dismissed on behalf of their clients. This is why it is also important that a traffic attorney knows how to bargain with the prosecution. By offering an acceptable plea bargain to the prosecution, traffic attorneys are often able to help their clients reduce the consequences which they are facing. For instance, a traffic attorney may reach an agreement with the prosecution that would require you to plead guilty to a lesser charge in return for probation rather than jail time. While this type of agreement would require you to plead guilty to a traffic violation, it would also prevent you from suffering more serious consequences as a result.    

All too often, the last thing people think about after receiving a traffic ticket is hiring a lawyer. This is because, many people assume that answering a traffic ticket is relatively self explanatory, and that in the event they are guilty they simply be required to pay a fine. Typically, it is not until making several appearances in front of a judge that people begin to realize that they have made a mistake by not hiring a traffic attorney. I urge you not to make this same mistake. If you are ever issued a traffic ticket, it is vital that you contact a traffic attorney right away. This fact remains true even if the violation you are facing is relatively minor. The longer you wait to contact an attorney, the harder it will be for that attorney to achieve a successful result in your case. This is because, the motivation of the prosecutor for accepting plea bargains is to prevent a backlog of cases. Once the court has already invested a large amount of time in prosecuting your case, that motivation will no longer exist.

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