What Are Castor Wheels

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Castor WheelsCastors are small wheels which are pivoted at the bottom of the trolleys to move them easily from one place to another comfortably. These wheels can be pivoted in any kind of trolleys ranging from light to heavy or from small to big. All sorts of immovable objects can be made movable using these wheels.

There are many types of Castor Wheels which are designed according to their needs. Shopping carts, office chairs, computer chairs, industrial trolleys are some of the areas these wheels are being used. They can be fixed in the object to move it in a straight path or can also be pivoted free to move the object in any direction.

Castors2go is a leading castors supplier in Australia which deals in all sorts of Castor Wheels. It manufactures various kinds of castors which are suitable to be used in hospitals, platform trucks, offices, homes etc. This company specializes in manufacturing castors mainly made up of rubber, plastic, nylon and urethane. Some of the categories of castor wheels provided by Castors2go are

> General duty/ light duty castors

> Industrial castors

> Medical series castors

> Heavy duty castors

> Pallet truck wheel and rollers

> Pneumatic wheels

> Miscellaneous

Castors2go is a reliable and trusted company for providing Castor Wheels in Australia. This company has its distribution centers located in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne along with its dedicated agents all over Australia. It provides unmatched and high quality castors with comparatively low rates.

All of its castors can also be purchased online with an amazing discount of 25% when you buy 24 or more castor wheels. In addition, Castors2go also provides same day shipping to customers all across Australia. Adding more features in its prestigious services, the company provides an outstanding extended warranty of one year regarding all of its products.

With three great warehouses available and one opening shortly, Castors2go is committed to improve the level of satisfaction for our customers. All of the payment procedures when buying Castor Wheels online are done through trusted and reliable payment sources like PayPal, thus making it risk free for the customers.

Whether it’s rigid, swivel or braking and locking, Castors2go is an unparalleled supplier of all types of castors with their wide specifications and features which provide a long life service wherever they are used. This makes Castors2go simply supreme amongst all the others.

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