What are Singing Waiters?

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Singing waiters offer an exciting, surprise entertainment with a real wow
factor that’s suitable and pefect for all occasions.

Although the concept has been around for a few years now it’s never been
So more in demand and is still an entertainment that many people have heard of but not seen.

Like most popular scenarios, it’s concept is simple, but it’s impact lies in vocal talents and personalities of the singers and the careful choice of songs which offer something for all age groups.

Dressed the same as the chosen venue’s real waiters the singing waiters
(it’s usually a team of two males and two female vocalists) who help
serve the desserts so the assembled guests then believe them to be the real thing.

Then when most of the desserts have been served to the complete surprise
and delight of the guests the singing waiters suddenly burst into song.

They then perform (for approximately thirty to forty minutes) their chosen
musical set of popular songs while interacting with the guests.

The performance gradually builds in energy and pace and usually concludes with an exciting rendition of the classic, leg kicking, swing number, New York, New York!!!

Singing waiters is an ideal surprise entertainment for any special event where a meal is being served but is particularly popular and suitable for weddings, corporate events, Private parties and fundraising dinners.

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