Why Buy Used School Playground Equipment?

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As many schools systems undergo changes that include closing some of their facilities, this can lead to a considerable amount of school playground equipment left with no home. Savvy investors are buying the equipment for reasonable prices and then offering it for resale to interested customers. In order to attract potential clients, the sellers are touting the benefits associated with purchasing the used equipment rather than investing in brand new playground supplies.    

Used Equipment Costs Less    

When attempting to attract customers for the used school playground equipment, the focus is often on price. Sellers will offer various forms of equipment at rates that are often less than half the cost of new equipment. This can mean a significant savings to the buyer and will often be enough of an incentive to seal the deal.    

Buyers who are working with very tight budgets will often focus on the cost of the equipment. For example, a daycare center may want to upgrade the play area but can only afford to spend so much for the effort. Rather than buying new equipment, the owners will focus on used playground items that are still in great shape and meet local standards. If those items can be purchased at deep discounts, this translates into a wider selection of equipment for the children to enjoy.    

Quality of Used Equipment is Comparable to New Equipment    

Another approach that sellers are likely to take is pointing out that while the school playground equipment is used, the quality is very similar to that of new equipment. Some sellers may go as far as to point out that the materials used to make the older pieces is actually sturdier than some of the new equipment on the market. For buyers who want to secure pieces that will last a long time, this particular strategy can be very attractive.    

A savvy buyer will want some proof that the overall quality of the used equipment is indeed up to par. This will often involve a personal inspection of the pieces. Assuming that the seller has taken the time to clean and restore the pieces, there is a good chance that the buyer will find the equipment to be acceptable. As a result, both parties benefit from the deal. The buyer gets quality goods for a reasonable price while the seller is able to earn a little profit from the sale.    

The Nostalgia Factor    

Another selling strategy that can help move old school playground equipment is to tout the purchase of the pieces as a way of rescuing something that has meaning to the buyer. For example, if the equipment was once used at a local school that has been closed, former students may be interested in buying one or more pieces of equipment as a way to preserve their school heritage. Sellers know that the nostalgia factor can go a long way in attracting certain kinds of customers and increasing the odds of being able to move the used merchandise.    

Appealing to Green Sensibilities    

Sellers can also promote the purchase of the used playground equipment as a way to make the community a little greener. Rather than allowing the old equipment to be dumped at a landfill, an environmentally conscious buyer will rescue the pieces for recycling or reuse at a new site. The general idea is that by reusing pieces that still have a lot of usable life, there is no need to use limited resources to produce new equipment.    

There are a number of reasons why certain buyers would be willing to invest in used playground equipment. The goal of the seller is to properly evaluate the market for the pieces and identify the sale strategies that are most likely to result in a steady flow of interested parties. Doing so increases the odds of selling the equipment quickly and increasing the seller’s profit margins.

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