Why get a cotton gi when you can get a Hemp Gi

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Traditionally, all bjj gis are made of 100% cotton. Everyone used them for a very long time or you can say ever since Brazilian Jiu Jitsu began and this was all due to the lack of knowledge on the Hemp fabric. No one even thought about having a Hemp Gi. So as the sport grew many new bjj gi brands started popping up pretty much selling the same basic kimono you can think of with different logos and patchwork. They hyped up their jiu Jitsu gis with sponsors or big advertisements. The thought of the Hemp Gi was in no one’s mind.

Fortunately, one day a company named Submission Fight Company finally discovered that Hemp Gis are a very big possibility and went in search to find a good supplier for a Hemp kimono. When they actually released the Gi many people were not sure what to think of it and were waiting for reviews. Then review after review came out stating the obvious benefits of why you should get a Hemp Gi over a cotton gi any day. Hemp Gis are 4 times stronger than cotton, 4 times softer than cotton, anti microbial, anti bacterial, eco friendly, very breathable, increases air flow, and it even gets cleaner with every wash! These things are simply amazing and once you train in a Hemp Gi you could never train in a normal cotton gi ever again. The benefits are infinite and I’m surprised no one thought of this idea anytime sooner. Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is never the same. For political reasons of course, hemp cultivation is Illegal in most countries but I believe everyone knows the reason why. How big corporations in industries like oil, medicine, alcohol, etc. all pay big chunks of money to the government to keep Hemp cultivation illegal for industrial use. This is the reason why they make the smoking of marijuana look so bad and keep it illegal. If they actually let the world know of all the benefits of the Hemp plant for so many fields well the world would be a much better place. All in all, Hemp is a great plant that has many benefits especially for fabrics and of course especially for the Hemp Gi fabric.

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