Why Let Credit Stop You from Getting the Car You Want?

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There are Used Car Dealerships for Bad Credit that can actually help!

Autokeyenc.com was created to help connect buyers with bad credit, less than perfect credit or even no credit to a car dealership in their area that will not only get them a car but get them the car they want and deserve with a low down payment. The founder of autokeysenc.com prides his self on his honesty and liability. Autokeysenc.com will provide the minimum requirements of these dealerships and will strengthen your chances of actually going somewhere and getting what you want on the first visit. There are a lot of websites such as cars.com or autotrader.com and craigslist that sell dreams to potential buyers. If you are in a financial situation or any situation what’s the point of looking at vehicles that you can’t get or going to dealer to dealer facing denial after denial. Autokeysenc.com has made the process easier and less stressful for potential buyers to buy a car by becoming and affiliate with dealership around the nation that offer nice, reliable, stylish new age cars to people of all credit types with guaranteed approval in most cases as long as you meet the basic requirements.


Buying a car with bad credit or less than perfect credit can be as easy as tying your shoe or as difficult as trying to fight a lion for its food. There is only one thing that separate the easy route vs the hard route. That thing is knowledge, most car buyers simply don’t know that there are other options out there and not just options there are options that will not only get you a car but the car you want and deserve. The problem is there are tons of “pretenders” in the used car business. Pretenders are the dealers that tell you anything and everything just to get you out to the dealership knowing that the possibility of denial was not just there but it was overwhelming. Although this may not make sense to most the goal is to get you there, knock you down, and then provide the “pick up ” or the way out of your bad credit worries such as getting a cosigner or paying thousands down to get the car you want. I was recently a victim of this vicious cycle I had an old car that continued to break down on me left and right. I knew I had bad credit so buying a new car wasn’t even an option in my mind until one day my car broke down for the last time and I became fed up with trying to save a dying car. I went to a dealership that claims to help people with bad credit. They told me that I would have to settle for an average vehicle but it was guaranteed that ill drive away in something so of course being young and desperate I tried it out. When I arrived at the lot of course the dealer reintegrated his spill telling me that the goal was to help build my credit. In my mind I was so excited about the possibility of getting out of my old dying car that I was embarrassed to drive around, I didn’t care what this man was talking about. Although he delivered in getting me a car after driving it for a few weeks I came to the realization that I was “ripped off” I looked at the retail value of my car and it was 6,000 dollars and I looked at the papers I signed and at the end of my term I would have paid 17,000 dollars for a car that wasn’t what I wanted at all. Unlike most instead of getting mad or committing insurance fraud I decided to search around Houston and find dealers that not only finance people with bad credit but will finance them for a vehicle that is worth having and won’t take advantage of an individual that is just in a bad situation. I call this getting even. My goal is to help as many people with bad credit and less then perfect credit even no credit find not just the car they deserve but the car they want.


In doing this research I have found that there are things that these dealers require and although their programs often help people in getting a good car they often neglect to put the requirements out there because they don’t want to discourage potential buyers from visiting there dealership. But I will lay it out for you. The most important thing you must have and probably the most obvious thing you must have is a job. With your job you must meet the minimum income requirements such as 1,200/m to 1,500/m. 1500 a month is predominantly the requirement for most but 1200/m is probably the lowest that they will go. Also with your job most dealers and bad credit loan banks require stability on the job. Stability on your job gives the dealer and the bank an idea that you are responsible and accountable because you’re stable on your job. The next on the list of requirements is being able to prove your income. Although proof of income seems to be a given there are some jobs that people get paid commission or in cash and simply have no way of proving their income via pay check. If you’re a waiter and you make a lot of money in cash do one or two things, first is just simply claim your tips if you claim your tips at the end of the night when you clock out or checkout the amount will show on your check and it will show on your year to date earnings this can be helpful because it lets dealers know that even though you work in a commission based job it can still be a stable source of income. If you have any other job tittle that works off of commissions or your self-employed deposit all your money into a bank account and do it often and through the course of at least 90 days before attempting to get a vehicle or any loan. By doing that you will be able to show proof that you make the money that you make by simply pulling your bank statement and showing consistency in your earnings over a 90 day period. The key is consistency. Other documents that are not as important but are needed is a valid id or drivers license, proof of residence via utility bill or mail and sometimes you may need references.


At most of these dealerships before you get approved or denied you either will be asked a serious of questions either verbally or on an application that you have to fill out although most people don’t loo as some of the question to be relevant your questions to the answers can very well be the reason of your denial or approval. These questions are the budget questions. DEALERS DO NOT WANT TO SALE A CAR TO A PERSON WHO SPENDS MORE THAN 75 PERCENT OF THEIR INCOME BEFORE THEY EVEN GET IN TO A CAR. This should be obvious but many people just disregard these questions and just start naming or listing as many as their bills as possible as if they were applying for food stamps or something. Keep your answers to these questions short, sweet, and believable. In no cases should you lie but you don’t have to tell the dealer everything you paid for in the past 10 years give yourself some credit and leave out some things that you know you probably will have to eliminate anyway after you get approved for this car just to keep it.

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