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About Erik Goluboff Expert Urologist New York

Dr. Erik Goluboff has practiced urology for over two decades. It was there, in 1996, that Dr. Goluboff started his medical research and teaching in earnest, taking a professorship at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons (first as Assistant Professor, later becoming full Professor in 2007).

At Columbia-Presbyterian, Dr. Erik Goluboff took on the position of Director of the Residents’ Practice in 1998, managing urology residents as they cared for the 1800 patients each year. His commitment to teaching was recognized with a Teacher of the Year award from the College of Physicians and Surgeons in 2003.

Dr. Erik Goluboff joined the medical teams at Beth Israel Medical Center and the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, Yeshiva University, in 2011. As Professor of Clinical Urology at Albert Einstein, and as Attending Physician at Beth Israel’s Department of Urology, Dr. Goluboff trains urology residents through hands on teaching and through participation in committees on program development, resident selection, and quality assurance. In 2012 Dr. Goluboff was named Teacher of the Year for the Department of Urology at Beth Israel Medical Center.

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    Dr. Erik Goluboff specializes in urologic oncology and the technology of robotic surgery, and brings these skills to his training of young physicians and to the care of his patients. When he’s not immersed in practicing medicine, Dr. Goluboff enjoys time with his family, playing tennis, and volunteering at a local soup kitchen for the destitute.

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