Water Softener installation

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Water Softener installation

In Bangalore, Water Hardness level varies from 150 to 600. Water with hardness level less than 150 is good for regular usage, like Bathing, washing etc. In case you are using water with hardness level greater than 150 then there are some common problems those you should be aware of

  • Increase in Hair Fall
  • Stains in Bathroom / Utensils
  • Pipe clogged
  • Reduction in Cloths shininess
  • Skin related Problems
  • Wear & Tear of electrical appliances

Refer to http://www.water-rightgroup.com/blog/8-hard-water-problems/ for more details on common problems.


Now question comes how to get rid of above mentioned problems, Well solution is easy and little costly. You need to spend ~10,000 Bucks to have effective softener for your bathroom. Items those you need to install Softener for your home are listed down.

No. Description Buy Link Details Price
1 Vessel Buy Pentair Vessel This Vessel will be able to handle resign of ~30 Liters 3000
2 Multiport Valves Buy MPV Multiport Valves – Softener is required for Water inlet / outlet / recharge 1300
3. Resins Buy Resin Indion 225H (Strong Cation Ion Exchange Resin), 25 Liters of Resign is enough for small family 2750
4 Hardware   Hardware material, like Pipes, water controller 2000
5 Installation   Installation 1500

Installation of softener is very easy, refer to below mentioned picture for reference, in case you need please reach out at nitnew@gmail.com / 9900031871

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