Received multiple inquiries on “how to create a portfolio”. Well It is really simple to create a Financial portfolio. A Portfolio should contains the

  • Term Insurance – In case on some unforeseen scenario, your family needs some money to survive, which is covered as part of Term Insurance. There are multiple Companies in India those provides the Term insurance, it includes ICICI, HDFC, LIC and many more. In case you are looking for ICICI term insurance then you can reach out to ICICI Partner at +91-7411 211 811.
  • Medical Insurance – In case of medical emergency, you need financial support to pay expenses those includes hospital, medicines, consultations and many others. These will be covered as part of Medical insurance. Again multiple companies provides these benefits like ICICI, HDFC, Religare. When selecting Medical insurance, don’t go with lowest premium, check for benefits, coverage & exclusions. ICICI covers most of the illness, Pre-Existing with minor loading charges, you can reach out to ICICI Partner at
  • Mutual Fund & Government Bonds – These will help in growing your money 3 folds,
  • Bank Accounts – To hold the liquid money, that you will require during multiple instances
  • Pension Fund – Requires this money to cater your needs post retirement.
  • Assets like Property – Home is a long term investment, that will help in reducing the monthly cost in terms of Paying the Rent and an asset where you can stay for long time
  • Child Insurance – In case some unforeseen cases, insurance that covers the child education and other aspects is called Child insurance. There are multiple riders in child insurance, Reach out to in case you are looking for further details