5 reasons to choose ICICI Pru iProtect Smart


Your can get the claim payout immediately on diagnosis of 34 critical illnesses (optional)

If you are diagnosed with any of the covered 34 critical illnesses, the claim can be processed without hospital bills. We only require a copy of your diagnosis report to process the claim. This benefit is optional and available for 30 years term with no increase in premium over the policy term till maximum 75 years of age.


You can add accidental death benefit (optional)

Attach accidental death benefit to give your loved ones a larger payout in case of your unfortunate demise due to an accident. You can add this benefit at the time of purchase or later as well.


You get longer cover

Our plan can cover you till age 75 years. What’s more is that your premium will never change, it stays the same for the full policy term.


You get full payout in case of terminal illness

Terminal illnesses are not only life threatening but can also spell financial ruin. ICICI Pru iProtect Smart helps you give them that last fight, paying your insurance money before death. The terminal illnesses benefit is available with all plan options and it covers AIDS too.


You get waiver of premium in case of permanent disability

In case of permanent disability due to an accident, the company waives all future premiums and your policy continues uninterrupted.

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