Creating Nominee claim assistant system

Problem Statement:

An individual#1 performs investments in multiple financial assets* across the years. None of the system today, Depicts the complete financial portfolio of an individual for his financial assets*, that makes the nominee* handicap, while claiming the benefits in case of death of an investor (#1).

Problem Solution:

To build a system that enables an individual to provide details of legal entity*(Instead of financial assets* details), nominee* and personal (#1) details, which will be shared to nominee* in case of unforeseen scenario with proper verification. In addition, team can support the novice nominee*to help in claiming the investment benefits from legal entity*.

All Financial legal entity*are linked by Tax Identifier*. Hence If nominee aware of legal entity* & Investor (#1) Tax Identifier* then financial asset* details will be shared to nominee*, post verification of the death certificates. Post that nominee* can claim death benefits from legal entity*.

Simple representation of the objects to be stored in database.

Sequence of steps linked to Investor (#1), Proposed System, nominee* & executive is detailed here.


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