Managing Personal Financials – Assets & Liabilities

Is it easy to manage personal financial accounts?

At first look, managing personal financial accounts, looks simple & easy, but the fact is different. Recently we have conducted a survey, and here is the quick summary of the survey

People having one Bank account, one insurance Policy, One PPF – it is easy to maintain.

Now the question comes…..

How many of us are having more than one Bank account, more than one insurance Policy, More than one investment products

In case you have more than one bank account, or more than one investment products, then this article will help you, on how to manage the personal finances.

First thing that you need to perform, is to list down all your assets in one excel sheet, along with username & passwords (if you can’t remember)

Organisation | Holder Name | Asset Type | Account Number | username

Once you have created this sheet, now the next step is to populate the value of the asset value. It’s simple. Add one column to the last of the records (Date). Now the sheet will be looking like

Organisation | Holder Name | Asset Type | Account Number | username | 30-May-2020

Post. that you can create the Pivot table to get the overview at multiple levels. Example : Asset value by Holder Name, Asset Type & by organisation

The above will provide the good insights to you….. now what next, How to calculate the future expenditure, monthly / annual projections. something like

It is not easy to perform this operation in excel, hence we have created the desktop & mobile application, that can be used to perform these capabilities. In case you are looking for this software, i can help you with details. Drop your comments, i will help you in setting the software on your desktop.

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